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Tech Tuesday: Energy Star Qualified Products

Tech Tuesday: Energy Star Qualified Products

Did you know you can save money just by installing an Energy Star Qualified Gerard roof? An Energy Star certified roof is a reflective product that will help lower the roof surface temperature. I'm sure you can guess what a lower roof surface temperature means... It means the internal temperature of your home or building will also be LOWER! How does this happen exactly? The lower roof surface temperature decreases the amount of heat transferred into the building's interior. With less heat being transferred, this also means you won't be spending as much money on air conditioning! 

The following Gerard roof colors have qualified for Energy Star listing: 

  • Dover
  • Aspen
  • Amber
  • Hickory

An Energy Star compliant high slope roof must have a minimum initial solar reflectance of 25% and 15% after three (3) years. 


Visit Energy Star to learn more about the test methods used, the benefits of Energy Star qualified products as well as for terminology and educational information.

Or contact Gerard’s Technical Department at 1-800-237-6637 

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