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Gerard Roof by Anyleaks, Inc.
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Feature Friday: Anyleaks, Inc.

Anyleaks, Inc. is a full construction company based out of Mandan, ND.  Anyleaks, Inc. specializes in Gerard Stone coated metal roofs.  Anyleaks, Inc. was established in 2011 by Cody Stern and Allan Miller.  Both Cody and Allan grew up in Mandan and have been friends since the 7th grade.  After working for somebody else for 10 years, they had the tools and knowledge to start their own company.  Anyleaks, Inc. is a company that strives for high quality workm

Gerard Granite Ridge Shingle
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Tech Tuesday: Shingle Products Roof Pitch

Did you know a Gerard roof cannot be installed on just any roof?

Here's the reason why: If the slope or pitch is too low, the roofing system will leak... And no homeowner wants a leaky roof!

In order to install a Gerard Granite Ridge Shingle Roof properly, it may not be installed on roof slopes less than 18.5 degrees or a pitch less than 4:12. All other Gerard products may not be installed on a roof pitch less than 3:12. 

Tech Tuesday: Standard Batten Installation
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Tech Tuesday: Standard Batten Installation

What sets Gerard apart from other stone coated metal roofing products? Our preferred installation method.

How does it work? It's simple! Two by two battens are first placed on the roof deck or on top of existing shingle roofing with a batten spacer tool. 

Tech Tuesday: Energy Star Qualified Products
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Tech Tuesday: Energy Star Qualified Products

Did you know you can save money just by installing an Energy Star Qualified Gerard roof? An Energy Star certified roof is a reflective product that will help lower the roof surface temperature. I'm sure you can guess what a lower roof surface temperature means... It means the internal temperature of your home or building will also be LOWER! How does this happen exactly?

ASX RELEASE: Boral Acquisition

Boral completing its acquisition of Headwaters Incorporated in early May

Boral Limited announced today that the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) of the United States has completed its review under the Hart-Scott-Rodino Antitrust Improvements Act of 1976, as amended, with respect to Boral’s proposed acquisition of Headwaters Incorporated and cleared the transaction for closing. This action is the last regulatory clearance required for the acquisition to be completed.

Gerard Roof installed by M&N Watertite Metal Roofing
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Feature Friday: M&N Watertite Metal Roofing

M&N Watertite Metal Roofing has has been installing Gerard Roofs since 1990. 

"We have never had any problems with any of the roofs that we have done.  Gerard has been featured in our booth at the Kansas State Fair for 15 years.  We also installed on our own roof and love it."

Located in Kansas, M&N Watertite Metal Roofing does both residential and commercial roofing.