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1975 Gerard Roof Today

1975 Gerard Roof Today

Like any roofing product manufacturer, we tell homeowners our metal roofs will last a long time. But unlike other roofing product manufacturers, WE CAN PROVE IT!

All products are only as good as the warranty that backs them up. Not only are Gerard Metal Roofs backed by an industry leading Lifetime Limited Warranty, we’ve been around long enough (more than forty years) to prove our claims.

Only a Gerard Stone Coated Metal Roof Warranty includes a Fifty (50) Year Transferable, Non-protated Warranty!

Gerard Product Warranties can be transferred for an additional 50 years with no penalty! Imagine how this increases the resale value of your home - giving the buyer a 50-year warranty on your roof! Not only that, it will look beautiful and deliver cost saving benefits, always. The biggest insurance benefit however is rewards that come from making the choice to choose the roofing material that offers the most strength and security for both your family, and your money! A Gerard Metal Roof Warranty does not lose value over time, unlike most product warranties, and it is undoubtedly the smartest and safest investment you can make!

Additionally, the following is Included in Every Gerard Warranty:

  • 120 mph Wind Warranty
  • 2.5” Hail Stone Warranty
  • Class “A” Fire Rating
  • Gerard products will not rot, crack, warp or break.