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Best Fire Rating In The Industry - Class-A Approved !

Fire resistant roof

Gerard stone coated metal tile roofs have a Class-A fire rating - the best fire rating in the industry! Our quality materials combined with our interlocking tile technology, and solid installation methods completely seals and protects the wooden underdeck against outside fires. Flying embers cannot breach our tightly interlocking and overlapping metal tiles, while  "dead air" space between the tile and wooden roof deck offers superior insulation, even against actual wood fires burning on-top of our roofs! We know this not only because every home in the 1983 Oakland fire that had a Gerard roof survived, and from countless other Real Life Fire Stories,  but because our Class-A fire rating was only approved and awarded after extensive tests, which involved the actual burning of wood fires on top of our roofs!
With a beautiful Gerard stone coated metal roof, you not only will protect your home and loved ones with the best fire rating in the industry, but insulate yourself from the potentially devastating effects of losing everything you have worked for. You will also enjoy the best wind protection and Impact protection of any roofing material, likely resulting in insurance premium reductions, and a lifetime of security, savings, and lasting beauty.