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The Comprehensive Benefits Of Quality Lightweight Roofing Materials

Lightweight metal roofing

Gerard's Metal Roofing Edge Against the Rest As a homeowner, you are well aware of the importance of ensuring that every aspect of your home is capable of successfully passing the many tests it will face. Many measures can be taken to be as prepared as possible, but one of the most important preparations is having a roof composed of a durable product that will help in providing optimal shelter decade after decade. This article delves into the many benefits of a Gerard lightweight metal roof.

Gerard's 26 gauge stone coated Galvalume® steel metal roofing is very durable and lightweight, weighing only 1.4 ppsf (pounds per square foot). Without question, Gerard roofing is one of the safest roofs in seismic regions as compared to other roofing materials. For more information on this extremely strong and lightweight roofing material, see our Comparison Roofing Chart

An average homeowner replaces and repairs his or her roof more than three times during their lifetime. Not only will future repair costs come far less frequently, you will never have to replace your Gerard metal roofing system in your lifetime: it’s the last roof you’ll ever need! Since roof replacement cost is usually one of the biggest negotiation points of a home sale, these timeless systems even have a proven track record of raising property resale values.

Gerard metal roofs save bounties of money in roofing replacement and maintenance costs as well as other areas. They are impeccably energy-efficient with UV ray reflective properties that reduce air conditioning stress, taking up to 40% off of utility bills. Furthermore, because of the excellence and durability of a Gerard metal roofing system, many insurance companies offer discounts to homeowners who have one.

Your investment return doesn’t stop at ongoing savings: Gerard’s lightweight roofing material will also enhance the beauty of your home. The vast options ensure that your roof will be an ideal match to your home and style. Gerard offers eighteen standard colors, including three Energy Star-qualified colors as well as custom color blends on request. You can even get the look of other types of roofing material, like wood shakes cement or clay roofing tiles with Gerard’s high performance metal. They also provide the option of four popular metal roof profiles to complement any architectural style: Granite Ridge Shingle, Classic Tile, Barrel Vault and Canyon Shake.

If strength, beauty and lightweight roofing material weren’t enough, Gerard offers extensive warranties to keep worries at bay. Gerard’s stone coated lightweight roofing materials guarantee a wind resistance rating of 120mph. However when tested, they exceeded that rating, withstanding winds up to 200mph and causing repeat approval in customers’ testimonials. Their interlocking and batten-mounting system offers minimal movement and extraordinary resistance to wind uplift. The tile tests as well as real-life experiences showed that, unlike conventional roofing materials, Gerard metal roofs cannot be stripped off. The technology also provides no access for windblown embers to penetrate under your roof and ignite wood under-framing, giving it a Class-A fire rating. Furthermore, Gerard offers a 2.5” hail stone warranty. Its 26-guage Galvalume® steel roof tiles are made from the highest quality steel and are the thickest, most durable metal roofing systems available, guaranteed to withstand a Class-4 impact rating.

Gerard lightweight metal roofing material are the strongest and best designed roofing tiles available, enhancing your home's beauty while guaranteeing efficiency and strength. The investment of high-quality metal roof will prove wise for many reasons, from saving money and surviving a lifetime to being aesthetically appealing and backed by several warranties.