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Tornado In Washington Shows Metal Roofing’s Capacity To Protect

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On Sunday, 17 November 2013, residents of Washington, Illinois experienced the severe impact of a large wedge tornado strike with wind speeds documented at up to 190 mph. While the tornado is now long gone, a nightmare of destruction for homeowners in the area has been left in its tracks with over 1,400 homes majorly damaged or completely destroyed. Amidst the evidence of the tornado’s torment, however, one home stands strongly, seemingly untouched by the trauma.

The McCaskey home, surrounded by countless others with obvious signs of damage, represents a glimmer of hope in reducing the blow in the face of extreme weather. Additionally, the devastating events of that day in Washington can teach us the ways in which our homes may offer fortress-like protection during an environmental trauma of such magnitude. Of course there is no way to completely tornado-proof our homes, but, as the McCaskey home demonstrates, some measures can be taken to prepare them for extreme weather conditions.

For the McCaskeys, one seemingly mundane event in the weeks leading up to the Washington, Illinois, tornado now stands out. When a representative from Erie Construction Roofing met with them to discuss their upcoming project, there was nothing particularly abnormal about their routine roofing update. They were looking for a solution that would not only look beautiful, but would also provide sufficient protection. The choice was our Granite Ridge metal roofing shingles in the color Heather Blend, which best complemented their home. The Granite Ridge metal shingles are overlapping 26-gauge Galvalume® steel panels that doesn’t allow wind lift to rip away at the roof, piece by piece. The result is an essentially impenetrable fortress.

The McCaskeys might not have realized just how much this simple precaution would pay off. However, only a short time passed before the tornado hit their area and showed them just how beneficial a well-designed and executed roofing structure is. Contrary to the McCaskey home, every one of the surrounding homes sustained substantial damage, as displayed in the images below. The house directly west to the McCaskey home, for example, lost the majority of its fiberglass roof. The only damage to the recently installed stone-coated metal roof was bending to the rake cover. That’s quite a feat when you consider that the main path of destruction moved across the front of the house in a northeasterly direction.

The ability of metal roofs to withstand the tests that the elements dish out is not only impressive, but also shows homeowners what extensive protection their installation brings, including numerous price savings and cost reductions in roofing maintenance repairs. The strength of this metal roofs is underscored when looking at the photos below. The McCaskey roof seems as if it underwent no extreme conditions at all. However, one look at the images reveals the magnitude of the event it did withstand. Further evidenced is how roofs made of other materials stacked up or flew off when tested under the same conditions.

The importance of ensuring your roof has the capability to withstand extreme weather events is not limited to our Midwestern neighbors. Rather, this is relevant to homeowners across the nation, whether our regional vices are tornadoes or hurricanes. Our roofing is the strongest and most durable roofing with great aesthetic appeal and a wide array of colors and styles to choose from to suit any homeowner’s style and needs.