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Exploring The Many Facets Of Metal Roofing

The benefits of metal roofings over traditional technologies have proven to be overwhelming. They are resistant to an array of extreme conditions, from ice damming and high winds to fire and beyond. However, all metal roofs are not created in the same way. With so many metal roofing options, how can a homeowner be sure they are selecting the one that best suits their needs and desires? This article explores the various metal roofing options to help you decide on the one that is best for your home and climate.

The many benefits associated with metal roofs include their lightweight, strong and durable materialenergy efficiencyenvironmental benefits and beyond. One factor that deters people from metal roofs is a stereotypical industrial image associated with either sheet or standing seams and painted or bare metal. This stereotype does not hold true for Gerard's quality roofing materials, the benefits of which extend far beyond the practical and well into aesthetics. These roofing systems are far from traditional in appearance: they offer many colors and profiles, matching any home to perfection.

Gerard’s roofing systems also surpass standing seam in terms of design and functionality by offering more design and architecture alternatives than many people are aware. Stone coated metal tiles, such as those from Gerard, enhance many kinds of home architectures. Furthermore, this technology offers installation diversity, including the advantage over traditional metal roofing of versatility mounting and waterproofing accessories, from water heaters and chillers to walkways and more.Likewise, since traditional standing seam materials are mounted against the roof deck, heat transfers occur readily, making this roofing product low in energy efficiency. Gerard’s stone coated tile systems, on the other hand, are energy-efficient to the extent that they can reduce utility bills by up to 40%.

Another feature of standing seam roofing that Gerard roofing outshines other is quality: standing seam is typically thin and rich in carbon content, increasing its stiffness, and limiting its ability to fit customly to your home. Moreover, not only is standing seam limited in terms of finishing trims, but it's also susceptible to rusting. In addition, standing seam materials are much more difficult to repair than Gerard roofing systems. The high carbon content of standing seam can also leave their fastenings vulnerable to water penetration. Metal roofs that have been applied directly to roof decks without proper precautions can rust from moisture on the under-layment. This is not the case with Gerard’s 26-gauge Galvalume® tiles, which are stamped for dimension and offer a much wider range of installation techniques.

Other pitfalls of traditional metal roofs include paint fading, oil canning and hail denting. However, Gerard has addressed these issues through various means. Painted metal roofing typically has a thin coat of protective paint. Gerard roofing tiles, on the contrary, are generously layered with the highest quality acrylic coatings, which is poured on as the formed metal panels travel under a paint fountain before the stone application. At the final stages, everything is sealed with UV clear acrylic glazing and baked dry. The intricate process of applying generous amounts of the highest quality coatings ensures that Gerard roofs wear the best, looking as beautiful decades later as it did upon installation.

Likewise, the quality and strength of the material as well as Gerard’s extensive warranties ensure that oil canning is not an issue. Additionally, the extensive warranties, including a 2.5” Hail Warranty, underscore the promise of Gerard’s products’ ability to last.

Gerard stone coated metal roofing systems offer greater flexibility and benefits over standing seam and sheet roofing systems. They are designed and tested to withstand the most extreme environmental factors, no matter the climate that your home is located in. When considering your next roofing project—be it in a week or thirty years—consider Gerard roofing. Gerard has been providing top-notch products alongside of unsurpassed professionalism and expertise around the United States and beyond for over 40 years. Its array of metal roofing products will suit the needs of your lifestyle and project, whether it’s an add-on, renovation or a completely new build.