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Fighting Price Inflation With Gerard Roofing Systems

Unfortunately, we experience price inflation every day. In order to offset rising prices through inflation, we can try to reduce expenses by looking for areas where we can save money, both in the short term and long term. Home repairs are a part of life, and saving money on those repairs is one way of reducing overhead. Roof repairs and replacement are one of the most costly undertakings a homeowner faces. Finding a solution to this problem can be as simple as choosing the best roofing option for your home. Let's explore how a metal roof will help your bottom line.

Most roofing products usually last less than two decades, some even as little as 10 years when exposed to normal and extreme climatic conditions. For homeowners, roofing maintenance or replacement work is inevitable and stressful, especially considering the significant costs involved. A quality metal roof can make these issues moot, and with the technological advances of metal roofs, homeowners have the satisfaction of knowing that their roof will last a lifetime without costly repairs and improvements.

For more than a half century, Gerard Roofing Technologies has lead the way in providing top-quality metal roofing materials for home and business owners across the United States. To demonstrate how inflation has affected prices, a famous athlete once said, "Inflation is when you pay fifteen dollars for a ten-dollar haircut you used to get for five dollars when you had hair." Although roofing products tend to double in price with each passing decade, Gerard’s long-lasting roofing systems have a proven track record of increasing homeowners’ savings, thereby significantly mitigating rising costs associated with roof construction.

Long lasting Gerard metal roofing systems omit the need for re-roofing, and guarantees the quality of the product with a 50-year transferable warranty. Moreover, Gerard's roofs greatly enhance a home's appearance, substantially increasing its resale value. Remodeling Magazine showed a chart from the National Realtors’ Association that tracked the resale value of homes with top-quality metal roofs, and found that homeowners realized an immediate 63% return on investment for installing high-end roofing systems.

The environmental benefits of a metal roof are another cost-saving feature. In addition to being eco-friendly, homeowners in many cases also are eligible for tax credits as well as insurance discounts. Furthermore, utility bills have the potential to be reduced by up to 40%. One homeowner expressed gratitude of his new metal roof's excellent performance just one year after its installation. "Other types of roofing would have been less expensive, but would not have offered the outstanding appearance, peace of mind and energy savings of our Gerard Roofing System," said one satisfied Gerard customer To provide evidence of his savings, he enclosed a copy of his energy bill pictured below. Notice the drastic 60% energy usage decrease from the previous year. And more importantly, the decreased usage has remained constant.

Although price inflation remains a constant, Gerard's roofing systems have helped homeowners everywhere in different climates drastically lower their cost of living through reductions in roof maintenance and utility bills, insurance discounts and tax credits. Contact us to find out more about how a Gerard roofing system can help you lower your living expenses and reduce the effects of price inflation.

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