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Gerard Celebrates "Over 40 With You!” In The U.S.

40 year old roof

When a local business consistently delivers a service to its customers, who get more than a lifetime of satisfaction, savings and enjoyment, everybody can celebrate - so that's what we are doing. You, too, can celebrate now that you’ve read this and know the best roof solution that many people are not aware of. So here’s to celebrating “over 40” in the USA!

“We make the best and most beautiful metal roofs in four profiles and a full range of standard colors," remarks Rick Davis, Gerard's Director of Sales. He continues saying," Our roofs save homeowners money and outperform all other roofing. Our customers celebrate every day, and under testing conditions we hear them celebrate even more! Yes, life is good. Just take recent tornado survivor Mrs. McCasky of Washington, Illinois, or recent fire survivor Mrs.Teakell of Glendora, California - in each case, a the Gerard roof was unscathed by the devastation while neighboring homes all took major hits. Homeowners with Gerard roofs rejoice that their homes are topped with Gerard-grade protection and celebrate it every day!” The stories, testaments and celebrations go on and on.

Gerard is the pioneer of the best metal roofing system in the world. "Right here in our US and Canadian manufacturing plants, we make the strongest, most practical and best performing roof coverings that every home- or building-owner should be aware of. I am happy to say we are only getting better with the passing time,” celebrates Lisa Starks, VP of Operations at GerardUSA in Brea, California.

Join Gerard and homeowners everywhere in the celebration. To speak with a Gerard representative today about your upcoming roofing project, call 800-237-6637 – you'll find even more reasons to celebrate! Cheers to over 40 years!

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