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Gerard's Metal Roofing Systems Have You and Your Home Covered

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No matter where you live in the world your roof is the shield that protects you and your family against the climate’s extreme weather conditions. Ensuring the quality of your roof—in terms of durability, longevity and strength—is, therefore, of great importance. Gerard Roofing Technologies’ metal roofing systems have been helping home and business owners protect the sanctity of their structures for over half of a century. Not only are their metal roofing options outstanding investments, but they are also the last roof you’ll ever need.

Gerard metal roofing systems outperform traditional roofing materials while arresting the costs of maintenance and replacements. Protecting your home is made even easier with these roofs, as they are built to withstand what the elements choose to throw at building structures. In fact, the quality of a Gerard metal roof often exceeds building code requirements. Furthermore, Gerard stands behind their tough products with extensive warranties and guarantees to set their clients’ minds completely at ease.

Gerard metal roofs not only have functional benefits that surpass those of other roofing materials, but also enhance structural elegance with their timeless aesthetic appeal, offering several profiles and colors to provide roofing options that perfectly complement your home. With a Gerard metal roof, you will no longer have to sacrifice beauty for performance or vice versa. This company has thought of everything to provide you with a roof that covers all aspects of your needs and desires. 

The ability of Gerard metal roofing systems to offer premium protection with aesthetic appeal results in various money saving opportunities from home insurance discounts where applicable and resale value increases to tax credits and beyond. In addition, many homeowners experience ongoing savings with their utility bills. One year after having a metal roof installed, a homeowner expressed gratitude of its excellent performance, addressing the investment’s cost and return as well as summing up exactly what Gerard has been delivering since their inception: “Other types of roofing would have been substantially less expensive, but would not have offered the outstanding appearance, peace of mind and energy savings of our Gerard Roofing System with radiant barrier”. A copy of their energy bill enclosed with the letter showed a drastic 60% drop in energy-usage from the previous year. Moreover, what these energy savings tell us is that these structures are environmentally sound, helping you to reduce your carbon footprint with ease.

The benefits of metal roofs over traditional technologies are overwhelming. When considering your next roofing project—be it in a week or thirty years—consider Gerard Roofing Technologies. Their array of metal roofing products will suit the needs of your lifestyle and project, whether it’s an add-on, renovation or a completely new build. Gerard serves many locations in the United States and beyond with top-notch products alongside of unsurpassed professionalism and expertise.