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Gerard's batten installation method is the most common method of installation. Two-by-two battens are first placed on the roof deck or on top of existing shingle roofing, with a batten spacer tool. The benefits of this method over the direct-to-deck method is increased air space for energy savings; ability to roof over existing shingles, and roofing integrity due to the added material to fasten the new roofing to.

Gerard metal roofing offers the most durable, adaptable and beautiful roofing with a complete range of finishing parts. As with any roofing product, Gerard stone coated metal roofing is only as good as the installation. Gerard offers an extensive hands-on training program, with installation guides as well as installation videos and DVD’s (in English and Spanish) for installing our metal roofing.

For a downloadable copy of our Batten installation process please download the below attached guides.