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Money-Saving Lightweight Metal Roofs For New Building Construction

With new building constructions, costs come from every angle. Developers and homeowners alike must consider how to save on ongoing as well as initial costs. As Gerard roofing products' Steve Kelchlin asserts, “Everyone is going to metal roofing because the lifecycle cost is cheaper and more lightweight than every other alternative. It's time that new residential constructions caught on and learned the benefits of a stone coated metal roofing systems".

Given the extreme durability and lightweight nature of this roofing material, the benefits of choosing a stone coated metal roofing system will create engineering and build savings in new building construction costs, and those savings will offset the additional cost of your premium metal roofing material. Furthermore, this choice will offer the best appearance and warranty while providing the best protection against natures harsh weather conditions and peaking prices alike. Two well respected architectural firms, Brian Khoury Engineering Structures and HISinc. Design & Build, have confirmed this by comparing the cost of a new building using Gerard's lightweight tiles against traditional roofing tiles. Their findings conclude that choosing Gerard saves enough money on both structural materials and labor to offset the cost of the roof itself.

New building constructions that incorporate stone coated metal roofing systems will not only provide initial build savings; these premium roofing structures result in ongoing savings by reducing maintenance requirements, making them attractive options for homeowners as well. The Gerard advantage includes the best protection against all climate conditions. Because stone coated metal roofing systems enable buildings to be much lighter than those with alternative roofing systems, their entire structures are stronger, allowing them to withstand a range of testing conditions: from earthquakes and fires to tornados and beyond.

The benefits of these roofs are seen from the very start for new building constructions. Choosing a stone coated metal roofing system has shown to not only reduce the overall cost of new residential constructions, but also the costs of ongoing maintenance and replacement requirements. Kelchlin resolves with a word of advice: “Build with Gerard, thus saving money by installing a roof that’s truly permanent.”

Gerard metal roof vs tile weight testimonial letter