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HOAs (Homeowners Associations) Roofing Projects

Stone Coated Metal Roofing

Maintenance responsibilities within a deed-restricted community, condominium complex or Planned Unit Developments (PUDs) is one of the main concerns of Homeowners Associations. Usually, HOAs are required to purchase insurance for upkeep and repair of common areas, which certainly includes re-roofing projects. The liability insurance will cover common areas that are damaged by wind, rain, fire or hailstorm. There comes a time when a roof needs to be replaced and repairs and occasional patchwork will not protect the building from further damage. Roof inspections on a regular basis, or after a major storm has moved through the area, could reveal roof sections that are devoid of granules in the asphalt shingles, many roof shingles that are not securely fastened to the roof, or are curled at the edges and cupped in the middle. Homeowners Associations can expect this type of wear and tear on traditional roofing shingles, especially with aging roofs between 20-25 years old. A fierce storm can completely ruin an older roof that has deteriorating shingles. With Gerard stone coated metal roofing, we are putting an end to large re-roofing projects every 10-20 years. Put on a roof with the style and protection only a Gerard metal roof can offer.

Gerard stone coated metal roofing can put an end to that large re-roofing projects timeline. Remember what Ben Franklin said, "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure." Put on a roof with the style and long-lasting protection only a Gerard metal roof can offer. Homeowners’ Associations around the country are choosing Gerard as their #1 solution for all roofing problems, impressed by the 50-year warranty, style and beauty of a Gerard roof. HOAs are tired of the constant problems and maintenance issues that are inherent in traditional roofing materials: cracked vertical wall flashing; water or air blisters; ponding water; impact damage; rusting metal; polyurethane spray roam oxidation and membrane split. These issues ultimately result in the conclusion that the roof will need replacing, and there are not many expenditures as costly as re-roofing an entire complex, not to mention the inconvenience to the owners.

Gerard Stone Coated metal roofing experts will offer Homeowners Associations the peace of mind and confidence that a Gerard metal roof will withstand the elements better than any other roofing material available and reduce costs over the lifetime of the roof. And during the entire process — beginning to end, A Gerald Metal Roof Special Projects coordinator is on hand to work closely with the contractor and answer any questions the HOA or homeowners may have. Homeowners Associations are understandably looking for ways to cut costs; and a process that will optimize roof performance, save money and mitigate replacement or repairs is a intelligent reaction to a serious problem. Anytime you maintain, protect or enhance common areas relative to your association, you do so for the benefit of your members.

By choosing a Gerard stone coated metal roof, Homeowners Associations are protecting the vital interest of their owners, helping to keep HOA community home values high, acting judiciously with Association funds and demonstrating a keen awareness of their responsibilities.

With Gerard’s industry leading stone coated metal roofing, your association won't just build a better property, it will build a better community with undeniable "curb appeal."

For more information, contact our special projects coordinator and get the most beautiful and long-lasting roof your community complex deserves.