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Hotel Roofing Projects

Stone Coated Metal Roofing

When architects prepare to design a hotel, they must keep in mind functional balance, layout and aesthetic issues before the construction can ever begin. The exterior should exude a pleasant environment and atmosphere that indicates comfort, relaxation and rest. Design logic varies with each architect, but most view the project in three tiers: foundation (addresses materials, colors, finishes, furnishings and fixtures), interior context (elements that create each property-specific personality), and accents that include features used to add punctuation and high notes to the hotel or resort's appearance. The property's roof fits nicely into this third category.

Roofs may represent about 10%of the total cost of the structure, but are an essential design element, protecting a critical asset that should continue a solid return on investment year after year. Hotel owners must be confident that their choice of roofing material will always look beautiful, no matter what Mother Nature can throw at it, as well as require little maintenance and upkeep. Gerard steel metal roofing systems are ideal for hotels and resorts, and offer the best appearance, outstanding energy efficiency, long life, and maximum protection against wind, fire, earthquakes and hail. Gerard metal roofs are Class A fire rated, the highest rating in the industry, and can withstand winds in excess of 120mph.

A Gerard stone coated metal roof is warrantied to last up to 50 years or more, so hotels and resorts will never be inconvenienced by having to shut down portions of their property for maintenance and repairs to the roof, also sparing guests the annoyance of having repairmen constantly going in and out, plus enduring noise and odors that are commonplace with traditional roofing repairs. Not having a roof under repair means the hotel's image and revenue won't be adversely affected.

Hotels and resorts are also major consumers of energy, and high energy bills most often seriously impact the bottom line. Gerard's metal roofing system will reduce your hotel and resort's energy bills and keep them down because the open air flow between the deck and metal panels helps cut down on the amount of heat produced. Gerard also uses highly UV-reflective granite stone chips, so no matter what color roofing you choose, it will deflect the heat from UV rays and cut down on air-conditioning requirements. Gerard metal roofs have also qualified for an Energy Star label, indicating that they are eligible for sustainability tax credits and incentives.

Another important aspect of a metal roof is color. No other roofing material offers the myriad color choices of a Gerard metal roof. Architects can select from an array of stocked colors, or order from a series of non-stocked colors. Whatever the choice, it will enhance the dynamic of the total building and blend with the colors of the facade, windows and ornamentation.

As an investment, as a brand builder and as a legitimate catalyst for environmental consciousness, A Gerard stone coated metal roof is by far the most influential solution to a hotel builder's needs.

For more information, please contact the Gerard commercial roofing projects department and speak with one of our roofing experts.