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School Roofing Projects

Metal Roofing

Commercial buildings, especially schools, are for the most part, major projects, and architects and designers go to great lengths to insure that the design and durability of the structure is of the highest quality. school districts, generally strapped for funds, hope their facilities can withstand the test of time, but maintenance issues often arise, straining budgets and often creating safety hazards.

There are many documented problems relating to the failure of school roofs, and roofs in general. The most common problems with a low slope roof are leaks and moisture, which can foster mold in the classroom, blow-offs, tenting, reduced wind uplift resistance and billowing, ponding water, punctures and the addition of penetrations post installation, shrinkage and blistering.

Many times, school officials find that repairing aging roofs is fixing the symptom and not the problem. But when you don't fix small problems, they turn into larger problems. Why not avoid the inevitable, and when the roof demands it, replace it with a Gerard stone coated metal roof. While metal roofs are slightly more expensive than traditional roofing materials, the long-term benefit far outweighs the initial cost. A well-respected nationally known architecture, engineering and design firm with offices around the country noted, "When we evaluated the additional cost of higher-quality roofing materials compared to the longer lifecycle, it became apparent that the change would lower the overall cost of ownership by extending the life of the roofs."

Gerard metal roofing won't leak, and it won't produce any of the other unwanted conditions that beset a common asphalt roof. Gerard roofing is ideal for all types of commercial buildings, and offers the best looks and protection against wind, fire and hail for more than 50 years - guaranteed. When those alumni come back for their 50-year reunion, they'll be amazed at how good their former school still looks.

Keep our learning environments beautiful and protect our children with the trusted reliability that a Gerard stone coated metal roof offers. As always, Gerard provides a Class A fire rating, the best in the industry, 120 MPH wind warranty, and minimizes the chance of roof collapse in case of an earthquake thanks to its lightweight technology.

Add style and protection to your next K1-12 or university project with a Gerard stone coated metal roof.

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