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See This Channel 8 News Photo & Read The Testimonial.

Glendora fire news image

See this Channel 8 News Photo & Read the Testimonial.
Glendora homes recently experienced the full fury of a neighborhood wild fire ;with devastating home losses.... but not for Elizabeth Teakel, as best described by Elizabeth herself:

"This is a picture of North Glendora Ave., in Glendora, CA, with the fire on three sides of our home. The only damage sustained by the house was at this back corner which is about 8 feet from the cliff edge. With minimal damage to the structure they put out a small fire in the back corner. The 1910 guest house on the cliff edge also survived and the fire burned right up to the structure.  It also has your roof on it. The big barn and tack room burned to the ground.

The canyon around the house is about 200 to 300 feet deep was incinerated. Many of the 300 year old trees I fear are gone. The canyon hadn't burned in more than 100 years.

Your almost 40 year old roof did what it was supposed to do. It has survived 2 tornadoes, 3 -100+ mile Santa Ana wind storms and now a devastating fire that burned down 4 of my neighbors homes." Elizabeth Teakell

Elizabeth, thank-you for sharing and allowing us to serve! Sincerely, Gerard Roof Products.

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