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Submitted by gerard on Mon, 09/25/2017 - 16:10

Houses of worship come in a variety of styles and sizes. Congregations are rightfully proud of their facility and are willing to go to great lengths to keep it looking beautiful as well as welcoming. As church buildings age, the maintenance tasks and costs increase tremendously, and a leading expense is usually the roof.

Wind, rain hail, mold and other climatic conditions contribute to a roof's deterioration. Some fixes can be accomplished immediately, like replacing torn or damaged shingles, and at a reasonable cost. However, if the roof is old, the contractor will have a difficult time matching the coloring to the existing shingles, hurting the overall aesthetics of the structure.

One thing is certain, fixing these problems must be addressed immediately before new issues arise, but if they continue, a new roof is usually the best solution. Members must weigh the options when considering a new roof for the church. The cost of replacing a roof is generally borne by church members as a whole, so making sure the money for a new roof is well spent and results in major cost savings over the years is essential. Choosing a Gerard stone coated metal roof over traditional roofing material is not only the best choice, it should be the only choice based on a number of factors: Gerard stone coated metal roofs never rot, warp, break or split. Gerard's metal roof can withstand Mother Nature's harshest elements for a minimum of 50 years — guaranteed, and the metal roofing materials are non-combustible, offering the best fire rating protection in the industry. Another unique benefit of a Gerard metal roof is its light weight. With many churches and cathedrals being older structures, low weight roofing will help preserve the building's structural integrity while protecting the occupants of the church as well.

As many church denominations grow and prosper, there is a need for expansion to accommodate the growth. Construction of a new house of worship can be an expensive undertaking, placing a substantial burden on the members of the congregation. Why not get the protection and advantages of a Gerard stone coated metal roofing system from the outset and avoid all the hassles that come with traditional roofing? Gerard's strength and durability will withstand nature's most extreme conditions, while enhancing your church's timeless beauty.

Don's settle for less expensive roofing alternatives. Call a Gerard roofing specialist today and see how you can make your church beautiful, safe and enduring, while saving money at the same time.