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Withstanding the Forces of "Tornado Alley"

Doug Setters and his family live in Indiana, where his asphalt shingles were constantly being blown of by strong winds. When Doug saw how the shingles on a Gerard Stone Coated Steel Roof interlocked with each other, he knew they would be able to withstand what nature threw at his home. "Now I won't have to replace the roof every year," says Setters "Now I've got peace of mind and a great-looking roof. I will definitely recommend a Gerard Roof to anyone.”

Doug Setters

In the Eye of Hurricane Wilma

While Hurricane Wilma’s 125 mph winds ripped through South Florida, Wellington resident Victoria McCullough took comfort in knowing her home and 10,000 sq. ft. barn were safely nestled under the two stone-coated steel Gerard roofs she purchased in 2001. “We were in the eye of the storm for 40 minutes, yet both of my Gerard roofs look like they were installed just yesterday,” said McCullough. “I look around and I’m surrounded by a sea of destruction and here sits my house in perfect condition.” Wellington, home to the largest polo equestrian club and national horse show in the U.S., was hit extremely hard by Wilma. Neighbors of McCullough suffered severe damage to both their homes and the barns that house their show horses. According to McCullough, two barns on properties adjacent to hers were completely destroyed and pieces of another neighbor’s roof were ripped away and blown across the top of her house, creating almost unnoticeable damage to a small corner of her steel roof. After being referred to Gerard Roofing Technologies by a cousin in Aspen, CO, McCullough found Gerard to be a major improvement to typical shake shingle, wood and asphalt materials and plans to have a third Gerard stone-coated roof installed on her home in Greenwich, CT.

Victoria McCullough
Wellington, FL

Economical, Attractive, and Lightweight

Stephanie Frizell”s 17-year old asphalt shingle roof needed to be replaced. She was delighted to find out that a Gerard Roof was so lightweight; it could be installed over her existing one and would protect her home. Pine trees surround her house. "I'd prefer to have a steel roof over my head when those guys get knocked over," she says. Stephanie selected the Gerard’s 'Weathered Slate' because of its color. She calls it "the perfect roof," and adds "I get to admire it twice a day when I go to the mailbox."

Stephanie Frizell

Not a Scratch from Hail

When the storm came through on April 5, it ravaged almost everything in my neighborhood but didn’t even scratch my Gerard Roof.

Jeff Pruett
Plano, Texas

Peace of Mind and a Great-Looking Roof

Growing tired of replacing shingles after each storm and fearing the loss of their house entirely, the Setters family made a decision that resulted in their home's ability to not only stand up against Sunday’s storm, but to come out looking like new. They bought a stone-coated steel roof. After learning about the special interlocking panels on a Gerard Stone-Coated Steel roofing system, Doug Setters mind was made up to re-roof for the last time. "I didn't want to have to replace the roof every year … now I've got peace of mind and a great-looking roof."

Doug Setters
"Tornado Alley", Indiana

Cheaper Roofs, No Way

Even though we were price conscious, we didn’t want to end up with a cheap roof that wasn’t going to last. We looked at cheaper roofs, asphalt was one that we looked at. But as far as enhancing the property, no way. After we saw the pros and cons of all the different products available, the condominium board had an easy decision to make. We are really happy that we made a decision that pleased everyone. This is one where we haven’t had even one complaint.

Fred Denny, Homeowners Association
Rancho Cordova, CA

Aesthetic Advantage, Flexible Appearance

Beyond the practicality of the Gerard stone-coated-steel is the aesthetic advantage. It gives us a beautiful roof, we have a wide selection of colors, the texture that it creates, and whether we’re trying to deal with a mission style, or southwestern style, or just a contemporary design, it’s a very flexible material in its appearance.

Jim Mitchell, A.I.A.
Genesis Architecture, FL